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Party season at Guldviva's

The story of Blomman

The eternal shape of Blomman™

The five bends of Guldviva’s signature piece Blomman™ form a shape which has maybe always been in existence.  Children draw it and it’s drawn in the sand with a stick. Blomman is a symbol for the simple and obvious – as life should be.  Maybe this is why so many of us love it.

Help us to help the Baltic Sea

Guldviva’s 30th anniversary

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary with a collection of handcrafted mussels in shimmering silver.  Through a cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation, each piece in the 30-collection will contribute to the removal of 30 kilo algae from the Baltic Sea. Help us to help the Baltic Sea

Favourites at the moment

At GULDVIVA we live, work and create on Åland – the most beautiful island in the world. Our jewellery is handcrafted from recycled, and nickel free, 925 Sterling Silver or 18K gold.

When time stands still

We are who we are because of the things we have experienced.  Guldviva’s root system weaves all the way back to a calmer life.  To childhood summers and excursions into the archipelago. Security, the sound of lapping water, feet on granite rocks warmed by the sun, your hand in your mother’s.  When we stop analyzing and just feel. Each piece of Guldviva jewellery holds this feeling, this calm. Read more about Guldviva

Far from mass production

Each Guldviva piece is made by hand in our workshop. Our aim is for a wholly sustainable production and we use 100 percent recycled 925 Sterling Silver or 18K gold.

Lifetime guarantee and free professional polishing

A treasure for life

We often hear stories about our jewellery and love it when it is passed between generations or serve as point of contact between strangers who recognize each others Guldviva piece.  Some people even think that we are a symbol for Åland. This makes us very happy and proud.

Silver and gold are living materials that are everlasting.  This said, jewellery that you wear often will still show marks from continuous use.  We want you to enjoy your Guldviva piece for years to come and this is why we offer you professional cleaning and polishing, free of charge, as well as a lifetime guarantee.  To help you to give your jewellery the care and attention that it needs you can follow our advice for care and storage.