To the one you salute on New Years Eve



A piece of gold jewellery lifts your stile and will let you shine. Classic and timeless. Simple yet elegant.

The story of Blomman

The piece with an eternal shape

The five curlicue’s in Guldviva’s iconic piece Blomman, make up a form that’s been with us through the ages. Children draw it, you scribble it with a stick in the sand on the beach. Blomman is a symbol for simplicity and the obvious – such as life should be. Maybe this is why so many love it.

Help us help the Baltic Sea

Guldviva's 30-collection

In the year 2019 Guldviva turned 30, and celebrated this with a collection of handmade, shimmering seashells. In a collaboration with the John Nurmisen Säätiö- foundation, 30 kilos of toxic algae was removed towards every piece of jewellery from the 30-collection. We did not want this to end. The collaboration with the John Nurmisen Säätiö- foundation continues, and you keep on helping us help the Baltic Sea.

The 30-collection

When time stands still

We are who we are because of everything we’ve experienced in life. Guldviva’s roots reach back to a more peaceful time. To the warm summers of our childhood’s, and excursions to the Archipelago. Security, undulating waves, feet against a warm cliff, hand in mother’s hand. When we don’t analyze, just feel.
Every piece of jewellery from Guldviva carries that feeling, that calm. Read more about Guldviva

We at Guldviva live, act and create on Åland - the world's most beautiful island. Our jewellery is handmade from recycled, nickel free 925 Sterling Silver and 18K gold.

Anything but massproduction

Every piece of Guldviva-jewellery is crafted by hand in our studio from 925 Sterling Silver or 18K gold. We strive towards a completely sustainable production and use today 100 percent recycled gold and silver.

Guarantee for life and free polishing

A piece of jewellery for life

We often hear stories about our jewellery, and love when they go onward from generation to generation, or create a connection between strangers who recognize each other’s Guldviva-jewellery. There are even those who see us as a symbol for the Åland Islands. This makes us so happy and proud.

Silver and gold are living materials that last for an eternity. But pieces of jewellery you carry often can still show signs of frequent wear. We want to help you enjoy your pieces of jewellery your entire life, and therefor offer free, professional polishing and a guarantee for life. To best take care of your jewellery you can also follow our tips and instructions on how to best care for and store your jewellery.


A strong connection from heart to heart

Never before has it been this clear, we need each other. Much like the rye on the fields, we bend when it starts to storm. But we also rise back up united as one, with our sights on a new future with warmer hearts, opened eyes and cleaner hands.


Guldviva’s collection RÅG has been joined by a new heart. A band of silver kernel’s full of life, formed into four different pieces of jewellery.


We’ve all collected them, stones from the beach.

They caught the shimmer from the sun, had a unique stripe or fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Our new collection will let you carry the treasures from the beach as your own pieces of jewellery.