Björk and Stam

Winter in the birch forest

We humans need the forest. We need to go walking between the white trunks, relax our pulse and let our heart find its own pace. In Japan, this is called shirin-yoku – forest bathing.  

In our collection Björk and Stam (”birch and trunk”) we want to highlight the beauty of the forest in all four seasons. The winter rest. The thin foliage of spring. The opulence of summer and the golden leaves of autumn.  

The birch is the national tree of Finland

In 1988, the silver birch was selected as Finland’s national tree. The silver birch is identified by its long, hanging wispy branches and is often referred to as weeping birch.  

The birch has always been an important useful plant in the Nordic countries. Birch sap, birch bark, birch tar and potash. Sauna brushes of early summer birch twigs and leafy rods for Midsummer. The birch is part of our history and thrives in all of our nature – from the common white birch of the archipelago shore groves to the small creeping dwarf birch of the Lapland fells.