On 6th of December 2010 Finland celebrated 93 years of independence.  The annual independence ball, also called the Presidential ball, is one of the most talked about events in Finland.  The ball is broadcasted live on TV and this year almost 2,3 million Finns followed the events.

The ball is held at the presidential palace in Helsinki.  This year President Tarja Halonen and her husband Doctor Pentti Arajärvi received 1.800 guests.

In September of 2010 the president visited the GULDVIVA workshop.  Following this Maria and her husband Fredrik were invited to the ball.

A  more suitable gown than GRACE is difficult to find.  GRACE is made out of 1055 pieces of BLOMMAN™ pendants, shaped into a gown.  In her original shape she would have been difficult (and very cold!) to wear.  We were assisted in the transformation into a more “ball friendly” shape by Lena Andersson, a seamstress with real talent (and a personality which brightens the darkest of winters)!


Maria and Fredrik at the presidential palace.

Maria och Fredrik together with dignitaries from the Åland Islands.

Lena Andersson – seamstress with talent!

Maria and Lena, one of many fittings.

Maria and Lena, one of many fittings.