We are very happy that we have so many loyal customers and this is our way to show our appreciation!

As a member of CLUB GULDVIVA you will receive the following:

  • 10% instant discount on all new pieces when first released
  • 10% of your purchase sum in the form of a bonusvoucher
  • Preview on all new releases
  • Information about your previous purchases
  • Professional cleaning of all your GULDVIVA jewellery, free of charge
  • No membership cards – no fees – no cons – just pros

If you have already made a purchase through our webshop you will automatically be registered as a member.  If you would like to join and receive information without making a purchase in our webshop, simply click BECOME A MEMBER to register.  You can also register by visiting our shop in Maxinge and giving your details to our staff there.

In order to make it as easy as possible for you, we have chosen not to supply you with a club-card or anything else that you need to produce when shopping.  When you shop online your purchases will automatically be registered in your name and if you shop at our store in Jomala you just have to inform the staff of your name.  Simple, isn’t it?  Becoming a member of CLUB GULDVIVA is, of course, free of charge!

Read more about membership rewards and the rules of membership


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