Club Guldviva

Become a member and collect bonuses

We are so happy that we have many customers who return time and time again and via Club Guldviva we want to show you our appreciation. When you shop in our web shop, you can choose to register your address and thus become a member of Klubb Guldviva. You can also become a member by filling in your information in the form below.

As a member you:

  • get a 10% direct discount on all newly launched jewellery.
  • get 10% of your total year’s purchases back in the form of bonus vouchers.
  • receive our newsletter with special discounts, holiday offers and previews about launches of new jewellery.
  • can save the purchases you made with us if you want. For example, when you buy a gift for someone, you can check the size of the ring or length of a chain, so that you will know the right selection for the next purchase.

Digital membership

Membership is digital in order to make it as convenient for you as possible. When you make a purchase on the website, your purchase is automatically registered and when you make a purchase in the physical shop, you can give us your name to have your purchase registered.

Club Guldviva – your bonus

Once a year (in October or November), you will receive a bonus voucher from us. The more you have bought from us, the greater the sum of your voucher. The voucher is equivalent to 10% of the sum of all of your purchases during the past year. The sum is rounded to the nearest euro and is delivered digitally via our newsletter. Your bonus voucher is valid for 2 years, according to the date provided. Vouchers are not issued for sums under €5.

Did you know that there is a lifetime warranty on your Guldviva jewellery?Read more about our warranty here

Your personal information is only used by GULDVIVA and is not passed on to any other person, company or organization.

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If there is no activity on your account within a five-year period, your account will be deleted.