Information about special offers will be communicated by e-mail as well as being published on our blog (swedish only).  To a certain extent the offers will be published in the local newspapers in the Åland Islands, and also through radio commercials aired in the Åland Islands.  In the event that you have not supplied an e-mail address it is your responsibility to inform yourself about special offers to members, as well as keeping yourself updated to any changes in the terms and conditions.

If you change your e-mail address and wish to continue receiving information from CLUB GULDVIVA we request that you supply us with your new e-mail address.

When making purchases at our shop you are required to inform the staff that you are a member in advance of making your payment.  Only then will your purchase be registered to your account and be included in the calculations towards your bonus voucher.

Bonus vouchers will be sent by e-mail only but can also be obtained from our shop at Sjökvarteret.

Bonus vouchers must be redeemed within a time period of two years from the issuing date.  At the expiry of the two year period the vouchers will be null and void.

Issuing date refers to the date on which GULDVIVA has communicated the bonus voucher either through an e-mail message and/or on our blog at www.guldviva.com.  GULDVIVA is not responsible for the non-delivery of this communication due to an invalid or non-existing e-mail address.

Bonus vouchers are strictly personal and may not be transferred.

Payments for repairs, alterations, custom orders and activities (for example courses) are not included in the amount used to calculate the sum of your bonus voucher, and these are not registered to your personal account.  Similarly, your bonus voucher can not be used as payment for repairs, alterations, custom orders and activities.

The use of your bonus voucher is limited to one voucher per purchase.

Bonus voucher sums relating to giftvouchers are awarded the paying customer and not the person redeeming the giftvoucher.

Special offers: In the case that products during a certain time period are sold at a reduced price these will not be registered to your personal account (with the exception of offers on new pieces) and the sum of the purchase is not included in the sum which is used to calculate the sum of your bonus voucher.  Ie. special offers may not be used in combination with other offers.

If your account is inactive for a period exceeding five years all accrued bonus-sums will be cancelled and your account will be set to zero.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of CLUB GULDVIVA.  Current terms and conditions will always be available on our website or in our shop at Sjökvarteret.

Any information submitted to us will be used by GULDVIVA only and will not be made available to third party, another company or organisation.




As a member you will be offered a 10% instant discount on all new pieces of jewellery when they are released and for a certain period of time.  If the jewellery is a pendant you will also be offered a 10% instant discount on an accompanying chain of your choice.  Added to this you will receive a further 10% back on this sum in the form of your personal bonusvoucher!

Once yearly (in october/november) you will receive a bonusvoucher from us.  The larger the sum of your purchases is, the larger the sum on your voucher will be. The sum of the voucher is equal to 10% of  the total sum of your purchases within the last period. The sum will be rounded off to the nearest whole Euro and will be posted and/or e-mailed to you if it is equal to €5 or more.  Your bonusvoucher is valid for two years, in accordance with the specified expiry date.

You will receive e-mail messages regarding new products and special offers, if you when registering have supplied an e-mail adress.  Offers and information will also be posted on our blog and our Facebook page.

Are you purchasing a gift for somebody?  You have the possibility to make a note of the recipient and, for example, length of chain and size of ring.  This makes things easier the next time you want to buy a gift for the same person.  Just let us know when making your purchase and we will keep the notes for you.

Professional polishing of all your GULDVIVA jewellery.  Leave your jewellery in our shop at Sjökvarteret and we will clean and polish them for you, free of charge.  Jewellery can also be sent to us by post.

Did you know that all GULDVIVA jewellery comes with a lifetime guarantee?  Except for repairs needed because of normal wear and tear, or self-caused damage, we will carry out all repairs free of charge.  Alterations to new purchases (adjustments of bracelet lengths etc.) are also free of charge.  Visit us in our shop or send your jewellery by post for any repairs or alterations. We will be happy to take care of it for you!