We will ship your order as soon as possible but at the latest within seven days from receving your payment, unless otherwise agreed.  Should a delay occur we will inform you immediately.

If you are in a hurry, or if you want your order delivered before a certain date, please let us know.  Also, should you wish for delivery to take place on a certain date we can ship your order so that it is estimated to arrive as close as possible to that day.  Please put your requests into the field for comments which is available before you place your order.

The arrival date of your order depends to a large extent on where it is sent and the postal-services of the recipient country.

Shipments to Åland and Finland most often arrive one or two days after they have been shipped.  This is what the Åland Postal Services say about Priority letter: “Within the Nordic countries the delivery time is approximately 2-4 days, Europe 3-10 and all others 5-10 days. These delivery times are approximate. Delivery times refer to weekdays and do not include weekends or public holidays. Up to date information for all types of delivery can be found on the website of the Finnish Postal Services. “(Posti (Finnish Postal Services) is not liable for any delay which may be caused by the Customs procedures of the country of destination)”

An American customer has told us that delivery of the order took eight days.  Then again, sometimes it has taken over two weeks.

Shipments to Sweden and any other EU country   The Swedish Post offer delivery of 1st class letters within Sweden on the weekday following posting.  To search for delivery times to other countries go to the Swedish Post website.  Choose your area and country and then tick “Brev” followed by “Visa resultat”.  Look in the column after “1:a klass brev” and it will tell you how many working days the delivery time is.

Keep in mind that if you have chosen Recorded Delivery as shipping method or if you have chosen to pay by C.O.D. (available for Finland and Sweden only) your order will in most cases be available for collection at your postoffice the day before you receive your arrival notice in the post.  The e-mail which you will receive from us when your order has been shipped contains your trackingnumber for this type of shipments.  Visit the webpages of your country’s postal service, with this tracking number you should, in most cases, be able to see where your shipment is.