Your best friend doesn't have to be a person

A warm muzzle on your cheek. Intelligence, love and presence. The strong, beautiful animal that bears you on its back. A horse person is nothing without his or her four-footed partner. We at Guldviva want to immortalize that sentiment.

Human and horse have walked side-by-side throughout history. For thousands of years, this noble animal has kindly and patiently carried us people, accepted our fickle nature, stood by our side and lent us its strength, grace and gallop.

We here at Guldviva are honouring this unique relationship between human and horse in the creation of a collection of jewellery made of one hundred per cent recycled 925 sterling silver or 18K gold. Hold it dear, wear it close to your skin – like a soft puff from a warm muzzle. A reminder of your best four-footed friend on Earth.

Our horses lend us the wings we lack.