Gifts with meaning

Finding the right gift for the right person is a challenge. We made a careful selection from the Guldviva collections for you to choose from. The classics, the newcomers, the ones we use to glam things up and the beloved everyday pieces. Gifts that will last a lifetime. 

To the one you want to wake up with

To the one carrying your heart

The Guldviva 30-collection is a collaboration with the John Nurminen Foundation. Each piece contributes to the removal of 30 kilo algae from the Baltic Sea.

To the strongest person in your life

To the angels around you

To the one longing for the horizon

To the one you love

To the one
you cannot decide for

A gift voucher from Guldviva gives the reciever a whole world of handmade pieces to choose from, according to personal style and preferences.


Silver and gold are living materials that are everlasting. This said, jewellery that you wear often will still show marks from continuous use. We want you to enjoy your Guldviva piece for years to come and this is why we offer you professional cleaning and polishing, free of charge, as well as a lifetime guarantee.