You’re worth gold

We find inspiration for our gold-jewellery in the simple elegance of nature. The smooth, warm glow. Hammered surfaces and texture.Symbols of emotions, to be worn against the skin or given away as a gift. 


We at Guldviva find that gold symbolizes permanency and value. All the gold that will be molded into jewellery has to be fused with other metals to gain enough strength. In our workshop we always work with 18 carat that contains 75 percent gold, instead of 14 carat where the percentage of gold is at 58,5 percent. Both are considered real gold, but of course you choose to be more authentic than less, right?


Recycling old jewellery requires less energy and resources, and noticeably diminishes emissions in the air, ground and water compared to when new precious metals are broken down. We strive to run a completely sustainable production, and today use gold that is 100 percent recycled. All the gold that is brought to us is cleansed from impurities, and then fused with 25 percent copper and silver.


18K gold usually doesn’t get discolored, but jewellery that you wear often still might end up showing signs of frequent usage. This is why we offer free, professional polishing of all Guldviva-jewellery. We can for example roll the jewellery in a drum with polishing-orbs, or redo the surface-finishing. Your jewellery will look like new again.

Lifetime warranty

Your Guldviva-jewellery is designed and made to last a lifetime, and to be gifted through the generations. That is why we offer a life-long guarantee on all our jewellery and repair all jewellery without cost from damages that might arise due to possible defects in production.

A piece of gold-jewellery lifts your stile, and lets you glow. Classic and timeless. Simple and elegant.