New beginnings

Eva Ekeblad (née de la Gardie) was a magnificent and influential woman of science who discovered a method to make alcohol and flour from potato in Sweden in the mid-1700s. Her discovery of how to make alcohol from potatoes saved countless people from hunger and starvation. All of the grain that the farmers grew was no longer needed to make alcohol -there was more grain left over to feed families.  

A new chapter opened for the farmers, a new way to avoid starvation and a new invention that made Ekeblad the first female member of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.  

With our ring, we wish to pay tribute to Eva Ekeblad and her historical discovery. The ring has a classic traditional style with a motif of potatoes and their beautiful leaves. It is made of 18-carat gold with a diamond.


Designed by Guldviva’s Maria Karlström, the Eva ring is a finalist in the Finnish Ring of the Year Contest 2022.

The jury has chosen 10 finalists from around 70 rings. The contest is organized annually by the Häät (Wedding) and I love me fair. The winner will be announced at the wedding professionals’ gala in Helsinki on 12 November 2022.
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