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Bubbles in silver

The life and nature in Åland are sources of inspiration in the making of GULDVIVA jewellery. Sometimes wondrous things happen that sets your imagination aflow and causes your inspiration to take joyous leaps, high up in the air!

There are many treasures to be found in the Ålands Islands. During the summer of 2010 one was discovered that has captured the interest from people near and far – the oldest champagne in the world!

We have been inspired by the champagne-delirium. CELEBRATE has been produced and tasted, and the taste is festive! CELEBRATE – for festive occassions and for extra zest in your everyday life.

CELEBRATE has shiny silver surfaces and a cubic zirconia stone mounted in silver settings.

When ordering, please enter your required ring size into the comments field at the checkout. If no size is specified we will send you a size 16-17.

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CELEBRATE ring Share on Pinterest


925 sterling silver, nickel free

Height: ca 11 mm
Width: ca 14 mm

As all pieces are handmade the size may vary.