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Some pieces can be engraved and some pieces are, due to shape or lack of space, not suitable for engraving.

For some pieces we feel that any engraving would spoil the design, and are more beautiful just as they are. If you are unsure, please check with us before ordering engraving!

PLEASE NOTE that if the piece in itself is of a smaller size, long names or words will be very small and difficult to read. In this case it may be better to use a short form or initials.

Please specify placement (front or back) as well as name, word or date of choice. Enter the information in the field for comments at the checkout.

Alternative 1 – if you want a simple engraving on one side.
Alternative 2 – if you want an engraving which consists of several rows on the same side and/or engraving on both sides, or if you want to engrave a ring.

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ENGRAVING Alt. 2 Share on Pinterest


Machine engraving