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Feelings for the sea in silver…

There is a strong seafaring tradition in the Åland Islands. Gustaf Erikson from Åland was the last major shipowner of windjammers in the world. In 1935 the Gustaf Erikson fleet consisted of fifteen ocean-going three or four-masted barques, eight North Sea sailing vessels and six motorsailers.

A reef knot tied in silver is a shape with a strong connection to our seafaring tradition and our love of the sea.

This reef knot has been made from a thicker thread and has also been oxidized to give it a rougher feeling. RÅBANDSKNOP ROBUST can be worn by both men and women.

When ordering, please enter your required ring size into the comments field at the checkout. If no size is specified we will send you a size 16-17.

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RÅBANDSKNOP ROBUST ring Share on Pinterest


925 sterling silver, nickel free

Width: ca 13 mm
Height: ca 8 mm

As all pieces are handmade the size may vary.