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The soft-shell clam – Mya Arenaria – a beautiful symbol for the purification of the sea

This piece is part of Guldviva’s 30-collection, created to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Through a cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation each piece from this collection will contribute to the reduction, by 30 kg, of algal growth in the Baltic Sea. Thank you for helping us to help the Baltic Sea!

Mussels are fantastic in many ways. Every little mollusc filters several litres of water per hour, and eats nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus that will otherwise contribute to algal growth. It is estimated that all molluscs together filter the entire water volume of the Baltic Sea at least once annually. This can be compared to the in- and outflow of water around Denmark where it takes about 20 years to replace the water coming from the Baltic Sea.

When ordering, please enter your required ring size into the comments field at the checkout. If no size is specified we will send you a size 16-17.

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SANDMUSSLA ring Share on Pinterest


925 sterling silver, nickel free

Height: ca 11 mm
Width: ca 11 mm

Ring band width: 2,7

As all pieces are handmade the size may vary.