RÅG – rye as a reminder
of our inner strength

You are strong. You are courageous.

We humans can survive more than we think. We bow before the storm and then lift ourselves up again after the winds have calmed. We grow even though we perhaps shouldn’t. We let go of the edge, even though we are afraid. We are challenged, we stumble and fall and we get up and move on.

With the collection RÅG (”rye”), we at Guldviva have wanted to create symbols for this innate human endurance –the courage that carries us through our entire lives. Rye grows in the most nutrient-poor soil, withstands the harshest of winters and can endure both drought and infestation.


The collection RÅG consists of eleven different hand-crafted pieces of jewellery in 925 Sterling Silver, all with the life-giving ear of rye as a motif. Let your jewellery be a source of power, to wear as a reminder that you are capable of more than you think.

An enduring bond in sickness and in health

The choice to live together with someone is a significant and courageous decision. Together you are showing the world that no matter what comes your way in life, you will face it as a united force. Let the powerful, life-giving strength of the rye kernel, with its deep root system and durable shell, become a symbol for your vow – for your choice to walk the same path in life. And congratulations from us at Guldviva!

”Let your jewellery be a source of strength. A reminder that you can achieve more than you think.”

If my rye is growing, my mind is growing

Some ideas come like a flash of lightning out of the clear blue sky and demand to be made a reality. Others need to lie dormant like dry seeds deep inside the conscious mind, until one day they fall out and land somewhere, hopefully where they can sprout and grow. Like RÅG (”rye”), a new collection of hand-crafted jewellery from Guldviva.

Guldviva’s latest collection, RÅG, is being launched just in time for Åland’s harvest festival, although the idea for it was conceived a long time ago. The inspiration for the idea started with two classical literary works—Anni Blomqvist’s Mary of Storm Islet and Vilhelm Moberg’s The Emigrants.
– I didn’t read the books at the same time, but they both hit me with the same insight, about how incredibly important rye was for survival in those days. As soon as you settled down somewhere and as soon as the soil got warm, the grain would be sown in the ground. Without it, you couldn’t survive, says Maria Karlström, head goldsmith at Guldviva.
– In our workshop, these thoughts were transformed into a ring, but it didn’t want to be revealed for many years. We thought that now was the time and the other pieces in the collection have been cultivated to complement the ring. 

Rye has been cultivated in our country for thousands of years and it is the most robust of all of our four grains. It is resistant against cold and infestation, nutritious and satiating. The dry bread that was baked from rye did not go bad as quickly as other bread. Rye bread could be taken on long hunting excursions and trips.
The Finnish Swedish expression ”rye in the back” is easily traced back to rye bread as a wholesome source of strength. ”If my rye is growing, my mind is growing” is an old expression which means that you will feel courage and confidence as long as your rye is growing well.
Rye has always been considered to be a source of strength. It has been thought that rye produces people who endure, who can cope with stress and withstand life’s blows, says Maria Karlström.
I think that rye has built both our Ålandic archipelago toughness and our Finnish ’sisu’ (perseverance). For me, this collection is a symbol of the strength we carry within us.

"For me, this collection is a symbol of the strength we carry within us."