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The treasures beneath your feet

The treasures beneath your feet

Sunbathing on the seashore or walking along the waterfront, we have all collected them, the beach stones. Those that glisten in the sun, has an unusually beautiful stripe or just perfectly fit the palm of our hand.

With our collection Strand (”beach”) we wish to share with you our love for these treasures of the beach – created millions of years ago and now carefully polished to be worn as jewellery. A perfect gift and a way of carrying a small part of summer with you all year round.

A gift from the Earth herself to mankind

They wear their eons well – the precious jewels of the beach. Every smooth little pebble is a memory from the creation of the Earth and its dramatic history, worn down by ice, wind and water. Nature has her own infinite spectrum of color, all harmonized with each other and with our human color scheme.

We had Johnny Juthman, a lapidary from the Finnish region of Ostrobothnia , take on the stones from the beaches of Åland to create pearls in the gentle colour palette of the seashore. At Guldviva, we added settings and chains in oxidized 925 Sterling Silver.

Nature is greater than our webshop

After the first summers with the collection Strand, we have learned that all of nature’s stones are equally beautiful. We really want to offer the collection in our webshop, but only as long as you understand that when ordering you will receive a random colour or colour combination.

If you prefer to choose your Strand jewellery yourself, we warmly welcome you to visit our shop in Mariehamn’s Maritime Quarter on Åland.

OUR STRAND-Collection

”I hope you feel the same as I do, that the beach stones are worth more than all of the rubies and sapphires in the world. They are my origin. And perhaps yours?”

Maria Karlström, head goldsmith

A pocket full of treasures

I spent my summers as a child at my grandfather’s cottage, which is still owned by the family to this day. I strolled along the shore and let the stones catch my eye. I collected them, saved them, without any practical purpose. Maybe they just sat on the windowsill until somebody threw them away. And I collected new ones.

Grandfather’s beach is by the Lumparn Bay, where a meteor landed a billion years ago, creating a hole, which is now a bay in the heart of Åland. It is also one of the few locations on Åland where you can find fossils.

My mother, daughter and I together hand-picked the stones for the Strand collection. Three generations of women on grandfather’s beach with our pockets full of treasures. The stones have then been cut and polished by Johnny Juthman from Övermark, just north of Närpes. He shares my feeling about stones, that there is something magical in the ancient material.

”I am fascinated by the process of transforming a plain beach pebble into something special - a gem. The material has been the same for billions of years, I just form it into the shape I want it to have...”

Johnny Juthman, lapidary

The pebbles on Lumparn beach


Coarse, cracked red granite swells softly like sea waves in the outer archipelago on Åland and gives our roads their pinkish tone. This stone is also called “rapakivi” and is the very foundation of Åland. Radioactive elements in the mineral tick like small clocks, to tell us that it is over 1585 million years old. Granite can also be black or white.


The beach stones on the colour scale between grey and black are often porphyry. The hard matrix consists of rapidly-cooled lava or ash which has fallen to the ground. Over the course of millions of years, quartz, feldspar and hornblende have formed within the dense structure as hexagonal crystals.


The light, solid-coloured stones on the beach – light grey, yellow and sometimes pink – are sandstone. Water, ice and wind erode different types of rock into sand, which is then compressed and fused together by natural cement. Remnants of plants, shells and similar animals can become fossilized in the sandstone as a kind of message from those that lived millions of years ago.


Dark or gray-speckled diabase emerges from the Earth’s crust like magma filling up cracks in older rocks. Diabase contains large quantities of iron and is therefore hard and very heavy; one cubic metre weighs roughly three tonnes. Our ancestors used diabase to make effective work tools.


The pink-red colour of gneiss makes it look like granite, but upon closer inspection, the clear bands and veins in parallel layers reveal that it is gneiss. When this stone is shaped into small pearls, it is very difficult to see a difference between the two.

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