Musoma Children’s Home in Tanzania

Letters from the children’s home (NB! In Swedish only)


From the start in December of 2007 until end of January 2019 you have donated €20.687 to the children’s home!

Would you like to make somebody happy by giving them a beautiful piece of jewellery? At the same time that you are helping somebody who really needs it? Have you often thought that you would like to do something to help but have doubts as to whether your donation actually reaches its proper destination?

We have chosen to help Musoma Children’s Home in Tanzania. Why? Because they help infants who have lost their mothers in childbirth. Because we know that our help can save the lives of many more of these children.Because we know that our help arrives without being reduced by administration along the way.

Tore Karlström, the father of GULDVIVA goldsmith Maria Karlström, drew the architectural drawings and was one of the people who actively participated in the building of the children’s home. Since the completion he has visited Musoma Children’s Home six times.

We have personal contact with the managers, Lisbeth and Daniel Granlund. We receive continuos updates from the home.

All proceeds from sales of the MAMA and KLÖVER collection are donated in their entirety to the Musoma Children’s Home.

Help us to help – chose to give a KLÖVER or MAMA piece as a gift!

KLÖVER (Clover) is meant as a pendant for all children, big and small, boy or girl. KLÖVER is also an excellent christening gift. You can also have a name engraved on this piece.

To complement KLÖVER, Guldviva has designed the piece MAMA. MAMA and KLÖVER fit together like pieces in a jig-saw puzzle. MAMA is meant as a tribute to all mothers and is a nice gift to yourself or to any other mother!




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