Keep the sea close to your heart

In our windswept archipelago, where the red granite rocks are polished soft by the waves, every plant and organism has its own specific task. The mussel is our symbol for our love of the sea.

The 30-collection reduces the levels of poisonous algae in the sea

30 years ago Guldviva began to capture and immortalize the most beautiful island in the world – Åland. Guldviva was born in the archipelago, we stand with one foot in the sea and the other in the soil.

Now the sea needs our help. This is why we have chosen to celebrate our 30th anniversary by creating a collection of mussels where, through a cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation, each piece contributes to the removal of 30 kilo algae from the Baltic Sea.

“We are the ones that will be swimming in our future sea. What actions will you take to help the Baltic Sea?”

Youth for the Environment on Åland

Guldviva needs the Baltic Sea

Without the sea – no Guldviva. The beautiful nature of the Åland archipelago lends its shape to almost all of our jewellery – at the edge of the pier, creeping over the rocks or swimming in the sea. It is a tragedy of magnitude to sea our beautiful sea destroyed by eutrophication. 2018 was the worst year in two decades with regards to the amount of poisonous Cyanobacteria present in the Baltic Sea. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary we want to contribute, in our way, to making a change.

The mussel - a beautiful symbol for the purification of the sea

The mussels are very effective as cleaners of the Baltic Sea. Every little mollusc filters several litres of water per hour, and eats nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus that will otherwise contribute to algal growth. As the blue mussel, in particular, is so common here it is estimated that all molluscs together filter the entire water volume of the Baltic Sea at least once annually. This can be compared to the in- and outflow of water around Denmark where it takes about 20 years to replace the water coming from the Baltic Sea.
Apart from this the mussels are incredibly beautiful creatures, just think how an opened blue mussel forms the shape of a heart!

"Everybody knows what we have to do to save our sea. There is hope - but we have to act NOW."

Johan Mörn

For over 10 years the John Nurminen Foundation have been working for a cleaner and healthier Baltic Sea. In 2018 they achieved, through different projects, the removal of 240 000 tonnes of blue-green algae from the sea.

We would like to thank the John Nurminen Foundation for their fantastic work for the Baltic Sea. And to all of you who are helping us to help - Thank you!