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Words and thoughts about GULDVIVA jewellery

There are so many nice people that wear our jewellery. That makes us proud. And we are proud that our jewellery can be a part of your thoughts, feelings and memories.

Susann Ojala

“I like Ringlan, the shape pleases me.”


susann ojala


“My wonderful husband gave me the necklace Håll Om Mitt Hjärta (Embrace My Heart) on my birthday on New Year’s Eve 2013. He bought it because of its name. The piece confirms our love, that we are soulmates and that both of us have found love after all the twists and turns in life.”



rosie hedberg

“I like Öka because the shape is so different.  It’s incredibly well made, the edges are soft and pleasing to the touch and I like the oxidized colourtone.   The necklace was given to me as a birthday gift by my colleagues.  A birthday which gave me the opportunity to stay by my old, safe, jetty (my work) or free myself and row out to wherever I wanted to go (take retirement).

The earrings, a starshape made out of small shiny silver balls, I was given at the last “Starfestival” (Christmas) by the man in my life.  Moments filled with stars to carry with you wherever you go.

Livia was given the necklace as a christening gift by her godparents Lars Borg and Maj Karlsson.  For Livia the sentiment is “a small crown for a small princess”.  When she arrived she changed and brightened the lives for many people.”


camilla & livia franzas


Blåsippa reminds me of the place where my grandmother spends her summers.”

bodil dahlén


“My father gave me the necklace Häst for Christmas. My necklace means a lot to me as horses have always been a big part of my life.”


alina österlund


“The necklace belongs to my mother. I like it a lot and like to borrow it. My dad gave it to mum, we are his princesses!”

alva jokinen


“My partner gave me the earrings as a birthday gift, so they mean a lot to me. I never stop being impressed, every time he brings home a piece of jewellery for me….”

amanda weckman

Willemo Franzas

“Mum says: The necklace was a christening gift to Willemo from his big sister Livia’s godparents and friends of the family, Lars Borg and Maj Karlsson. The significance of the crown is partly that it looks like a W, as in Willemo, and partly it’s a symbol for carrying your head high in life, that everything is possible if you just want to, and that nobody should tell you that “you can’t”. Where there is a will there is a way. Nothing is impossible.”

willemo franzas

Camilla Vainio & Sofia Lindqvist

“I bought both the Blomman necklace and the earrings myself because I think the design is really nice. My daughter Sofia was lucky and got to go with her aunt Regina to visit Maria in her workshop to see her making the jewellery. She watched Maria making a Blomman necklace, which was then given to her – what happiness!”

camilla vainio & sofia lindqvist


“I was given Rar by my son and my partner as a gift for mother’s day. I cherish it as it was a gift from the people closest to my heart.”

denise koskinen


Multihjärta is the first birthday present that I was given by my husband Tomas. The necklace symbolizes that love helps you get through anything. “Amor vincit omnia.””


karoliina hellén

Jannica Jokinen

“My husband gave me the necklace Hamrat Hjärta for my 42:nd birthday. I feel it symbolizes the love that has been “hammered” into us during our soon to be 23 years together.”


jannica jokinen

Tony Miiros

“My dad gave me the necklace for my graduation. It represents us going out in the boat with the fishing nets at our summer cottage when I was young. I wear it all the time and it reminds me of the good old days!”


tony miiros

Eva-Mari Liewendahl

“I bought the Blomman ring for myself simply because I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I always feel comfortable wearing it.”


eva-mari liewendahl

Isabella Karlsson

Heartbeat was given to me on my birthday by two of my close friends. I always think about them a little bit extra when I put it on. I wear it mainly for everyday use. The Rar earrings I bought myself.”


isabella karlsson


Marina Hellén

“My in-laws gave me Ängeln to thank me for something. My partner and I were given different pieces to strengthen/balance our yin and yang. The necklace reminds me that I am important just as I am. There’s an angel in all of us.”

marina hellén

Susann Ojala

“I bought this ring myself with a gift voucher that I won at a golfing competition. I like it because it has a simple and austere feel to it.”


susann ojala

Bodil Dahlén

“I have been given the princess necklace by Nizze….. because he’s the king of the house and I’m his princess.”


bodil dahlén

Anki Williams

“I was given my beautiful Celebrate necklace as a birthday gift by my husband and my children. Guldviva’s jewellery mean mother’s day and birthday to me, ie. appreciated and beautiful gifts from my family. I will never have enough of them!”

anki williams

Mikaela Söderström

“I’m the fisher in the family.”

mikaela söderström

Fanny Hellén

“The necklace and earrings were given to Fanny by her grandmother and grandfather as a christening gift.”

fanny hellén


Frida Granskog

Ängeln was a gift on my 7th birthday from my grandmother and grandfather. It is nice to look at and it will always remind me of my grandparents.”


frida granskog

Pernilla Lundberg

“I have always liked angels.”


pernilla lundberg


Petra Sjöblom

Rar was given to me by Peter, on my 40th birthday. My relation to it? Well, for me it means love.”


petra sjöblom

Rebecka Sjöblom

“I have borrowed the Blomman necklace from my mother Petra. It was a gift to her on her 40th birthday from her godparents. It means warmth.”


rebecka sjöblom

Kjell Hassel

“My wife gave me this necklace.  On the back there is an inscription with the date 23.12.2009-31.05.2012, in memory of the time when we were living in the Åland Islands.  My second son was also born during this time.  The necklace means a lot to me and many people on the mainland (Finland), where I live now, have admired it.  I like the look of it myself, very much, and I always wear it.”

kjell hassel


“This necklace has been on my wish list for a long time, my partner gave it to me for Christmas. As I don’t often get the opportunity to dress up, I like to wear it for everyday use. It always makes me equally happy, every time I put it on!”


sandra rasmussen


“My mum gave me the Friends necklace. One ordinary, dark autumn day she surprised me. This was two years ago and I always wear it. Mum’s love for me, her firstborn. ”


tess hedberg


“What this necklace means to me? Well, it’s a gift from my husband so it means a lot to me. I often wear Circla. Especially when I am travelling round the world I make sure to wear it, because even if he can’t be there he is close to me.”

anna carlsson