Din varukorg är tom.

A small reminder of summer in the Åland Islands…

Thank you all that have viewed our film. Three generations with close ties to the founder
of GULDVIVA, Maria Karlström, are portrayed in the film.

Anita – godmother to Maria Karlström, founder of GULDVIVA, together with Maria’s mother
Gerd and godfather Anders. In the archipelago of the Åland Islands, 1965. Maria’s father
Tore was behind the camera.

Anita – a few generations later, now with daughter Maria and grandchild Lisa. In the
archipelago of the Åland Islands, 2012.

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18/12/2012 | General

A small reminder of summer in the Åland Islands…

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New entry to our webshop!

We strive to continually improve our webshop and the latest step is to ask you to choose your country when entering the webshop from our homepage.   When clicking on WEBSHOP a map should pop up where you are able to choose your country.

We have been informed that the map sometimes does not appear as it should, and that the country-option is instead shown as text at the very bottom of the page.  You are then able to choose your country by clicking on the text.

In order to enable the map to appear you must clear your browser’s cache memory and then enter – this should get rid of the problem.

We are grateful if you contact us in case you experience any problems on our homepages/webshop.  We are also very grateful for your personal opinions and any suggestions for improvements that you may have!

E-mail us on or call us on +358 (0)18 22130.

This is what it should look like……

….this is what it might look like. If so, click on the text at the bottom of the page.

25/10/2012 | General

BLOMMAN™ and GRACE at the Presidential Ball

On 6th December 2010 Finland celebrated 93 years of independence.  The annual Independence Ball, also known as the Presidential Ball, is one of the happenings of the year in Finland.  The ball is broadcast live and this year almost 2.3 million Finns were seated in front of their television sets to follow it.

The ball is held at the presidential palace in Helsinki.  This year the Finnish president, Tarja Halonen, and her husband, doctor Pentti Arajärvi, received 1.800 guests.

In September of 2010 the president visited the GULDVIVA workshop and following her visit GULDVIVA’s founder and head goldsmith, Maria Karlström and her husband, were invited to the ball.

A more suitable ball gown than GRACE was difficult to find.  GRACE consists of 1055 of the trademarked BLOMMAN pieces, shaped into a dress.  In her original form GRACE would have been difficult (and cold!) to wear.  She was modified into a more ”ball-friendly” shape by Lena Andersson, a seamstress with real talent (and a personality to light up the darkest of winters!)

Maria and Fredrik at the presidential palace.

Maria and Fredrik together with the others invited from Åland.

Lena Andersson – seamstress with talent!

Maria and Lena, one of many fittings.

Maria and Lena, one of many fittings.