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Die „Rippen” Anhänger

Inspired by our love of the archipelago surrounding us.

The archipelago which infuses us with a spirit of freedom, love and summer. Something truly genuine.

Our archipelago is strongly associated with boats of different names, shapes and sizes. Common to them all is the basic structure of the rib, the “spant” in Swedish. Built with love and carefully selected material.

This larger version of SPANT has been complemented with a polished piece of beautiful Finnish Spectrolite stone.


Preis %s: 160,00 €

SPANT L SPEKTROLIT Anhänger (160,00 €) 1 Stk.

SPANT L SPEKTROLIT Anhänger Share on Pinterest


Nickelfreiem 925 Sterling Silber
Spektrolith aus Finnland

Höhe: ca. 41 mm
Breite: ca. 21 mm

Standardkette: 42 cm Schlangenkette

Da alle Stücke handgefertigt sind, können die Grössen leicht variieren.