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”The town of a thousand Linden trees”, the second name of the town of Mariehamn, was the seed that grew into TILIA.

“For a long time I have wanted to create a piece with a strong connection to the Åland Islands. The seeds that the Linden tree releases in the autumn look like small sails. In my mind the seeds are a little bit like the Ålanders, who often have the courage to set sail and throw themselves into the wind, often with good results.”
- Maria Karlström, head goldsmith at GULDVIVA.

Tilia is the latin name for the Linden tree.

TILIA has a beautiful patinaed surface which is achieved by oxidizing the silver.

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143,00 €
TILIA Ring 1 Stk.

TILIA Ring Share on Pinterest


Nickelfreiem 925 Sterling Silber

Breite: ca. 9 mm

Da alle Stücke handgefertigt sind, können die Grössen leicht variieren.