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ÅLANDSHJÄRTA L pendant Share on Pinterest


- carry a piece of Åland close to your heart

The piece called Ålandshjärta - “The Åland Heart”- is shaped as a heart holding a piece of handpicked red granite from the Åland Islands. The granite has been cut and polished to a shine.

Carry a small piece of this beautiful archipelago with you and imagine the smooth cliffs, warmed by the sun, and a salty breeze in the air.

In ÅLANDSHJÄRTA L we are using a thicker silver thread and the size of the piece is also larger than the original.

Did you know that the Åland bed-rock consists mainly of red granite? This is why the rocks and the gravel have a red colour and even the tarmac that we drive on is red from our special granite.

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Price %s: €165.00

ÅLANDSHJÄRTA L pendant (€165.00) 1 pcs

ÅLANDSHJÄRTA L pendant Share on Pinterest


925 sterling silver, nickel free
Red granite from Åland

Height: ca 35 mm
Width: ca 19 mm

Standard chain: 42 cm omega chain

As all pieces are handmade the size may vary.