BJÖRK 18K XS pendant
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BJÖRK 18K XS pendant

“Birch” pendant

The beautiful green leaves and the white trunk of the birch tree enthralles. A grove of birches offers space for peaceful reflection. A majestic birch in winter with frostbitten branches that glitter in the sunshine, or the magnificence of colours in autumn.

Nature inspires and is the original author of many GULDVIVA pieces.

“For me, to create a piece of jewellery is a natural process. Most of the time nature has already done most of the sketching.

With a starting point in classical goldsmithing I make use of the natural beauty and transfer the, in many cases rather complex, reality to a simple and stylistically clean form”
- Maria Karlström, Head Goldsmith

NB! All gold pendants and chains are sold separately. Prices refer to the pendant only.

BJÖRK 18K XS pendant 1 pcs

BJÖRK 18K XS pendant Share on Pinterest


18K gold

Height: ca 20 mm
Width: ca 16 mm

As all pieces are handmade the size may vary.