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36 cm is suitable for christening gifts and can be worn up to 10-12 years of age. 42 cm is standard ladies length and a good length for most women. With this length the pendant lies just under the suprasternal notch, using approximate measures. 45 cm is standard length for men.

If you prefer a longer chain, or if the circumference of your neck is slightly larger, the lengths of 45 and 50 cm are also available. If you prefer a chain which is substantially longer you can also order chains in the lengths of 60, 70 or 80 cm.

Keep in mind that the circumference of the neck does not necessary correspond to a persons height. A short person can have a larger neck circumference and vice versa.


All chains are made in 925 sterling silver. Please make a note if you want the chain to be oxidized to a darker colour, or, in the case that an oxidized chain is noted as the standard chain, if you wish your chain to be silver in colour.